New traffic jam warning function in MapTrip

The new traffic jam warning function in our MapTrip navigation application not only sends out a visual warning, but also an acoustic one when there is a traffic jam on the route ahead. This is very important to us, because this way we can contribute to greater safety on the roads.

There are far too regular reports of terrible rear-end collisions at the end of traffic jams. As trucks frequently are involved in these accidents, the federal states are planning new measures especially for trucks to avoid these types of accidents in the future. However, the tail of a traffic jam also often appears unexpectedly in front of drivers of motorcars, leading to critical braking manoeuvres or accidents.

New semi-autonomous vehicles and even new trucks are already fitted with emergency brake assist features. But a lot of time will go by until these become standard and mandatory in all vehicles.

This is why the traffic jam warning function is now not only immediately available in MapTrip Truck, but in all MapTrip versions.

Here's how the MapTrip traffic jam warning function works: by doing constant live checks with the server, MapTrip can see how fast traffic ahead is flowing. When at a short distance the speed of the other cars in front of the vehicle drops rapidly, this is an indication of a traffic jam. MapTrip then emits both an acoustic and a visual warning already about 1-2 km before the traffic jam. The driver can slow down in time and so avoid a collision.

We describe MapTrip as an "intelligent assistant system", which will always show you the best route to your destination. This way you will also arrive safely. Have a safe journey!

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