No GIS Talk without infoware

It is almost a first for us: we’ll be talking to the GIS professionals about our new MapTrip 4.0 at this year's GIS Talk from 19 to 21 May 2015 in Unterschleissheim/Munich. Why a first? It won’t be the first time we speak with the GIS experts, we’ve done it often ...

Well, this time we have a lot to present that could be exciting for even the most hardened GIS people.

We have jointly implemented a project in Spain that shows an almost unique deep integration of GIS with our navigation. Here ArcGIS runs on the portable devices of the driver linked to a mobile order management solution. The data is integrated with the B2B MapTrip GPS navigation software from infoware. And with integration we mean that all relevant data automatically flows into the navigation, which in turn runs on the order management device – the driver notices no difference at all.

And then we also have a new design in our navigation that will appeal to the GIS people and that can also be perfectly integrated in the GIS world. Along with the improved performance of the solution we have reached a real milestone with it.

Check it out – our promise is not without merit!




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