Placing truckers in the “driving seat” – an update by MapTrip

A number of smaller improvements in our MapTrip navigation solution has the very comfort of the driver in mind – now also available for Windows and Android. This ranges from navigation per vehicle type – with or without emphasis on motorways – to an improved overall display of border crossings, for example, or in the speed-sensitive zoom. The latest map data updated in September 2014 ensures that the most current changes in the road network are visible.

A small treat for the truck driver

A number of small improvements make life easier for truckers and users of MapTrip. This doesn’t only mean that the latest map data form the basis of the release, though. In the latest update of MapTrip – for Windows and Android – the driver can select the type of vehicle and the vehicle properties before every route calculation – very useful if you keep in mind that you have to navigate quite differently with a 40-tonner than with 7.5 tons. The “Motorway” preference can also be selected or deselected. Drivers will also be excited about the display of border crossing points on the map and about the points of interest (POI) feature. MapTrip also offers you the option of displaying the true GPS position of the vehicle, or alternatively to match the position on the road. Both are useful because sometimes the GPS data does not match the map data 100% – it can be irritating to have yourself navigated into an open field. However, the GPS position alone can be helpful, if you are, for example, on company or factory premises.

The speed-sensitive zoom has been adapted for trucks and now already starts to works at lower speeds.

With small additional features such as these we show how important we consider the driving comfort of the “kings of the road”. They go hand in hand with established services such as taking truck entry restrictions, pedestrian zones or actual truck data such as length, height, width or weight, etc. into account. Services such as defining your own points of interest and displaying the next driving manoeuver within a comprehensive industry solution have also been well received.

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