Professional navigation pays off: A look at the numbers

We are often asked why one should spend money on a professional navigation solution. Naturally, the complete integration into industry solutions to create a seamless workflow is a good argument on its own. Not to mention the convenience of not having to laboriously type everything in. But we know that every single feature pays off on its own – in Euros and cents. A few examples:

Navi spart Geld

One of our customers estimates that each of its 100 or so mobile employees spends around 5 hours per week stuck in traffic. This can be reduced by at least half with our navigation system – just think what could be achieved and billed in those 250 hours per week...

Each of those employees puts about 50 litres of fuel in the tank each week. With our navigation system, one can see at a glance which service station along the route has the best price. The difference can be up to 25 cents! A company can easily save several thousand Euros a month...

Being able to plan the exact arrival time can effectively alter route planning. What if the planned 10 destinations cannot be reached in the time specified? This is especially bad when serving customers with guaranteed delivery times. Exact planning with data that are always up to date avoids penalty payments.

Not even to mention the soft factors such as convenience for the scheduler and driver. Or the enjoyment provided by the entire look and feel.



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