Smart Service – but on-time please!

There is a revolution lying behind the digitalization of service, which affects all branches of the industry whether they are in logistics, transport or service. The Infoware Services Forum that is being held on 25th and 26th March is all about this because - revolution or no revolution - customer service has to be on-time, to be predictable and to use the most economic means. Thus with navigation...

Customer service starts right at the the departure point

Getting a Service Technician  on the road requires good planning How long will it take for him to be actually on-site? Which deadline comes closest with respect to the degree of urgency, but also takes into account the best route? And what timing can be given to the customer?

This is where professional navigation comes into its own: it is firstly oriented towards ergonomics:  the driver should without any bother accept the route that has been  planned in the  back office and be able to use the navigation that is to be clearly provided using maps and oral instructions. The latest road traffic reports always help him to avoid delays. The back office should also be kept updated  at all times regarding the actual arrival times;  this is a major benefit for the quality of the customer service. 

A sound and flexible navigation for distribution and service must satisfy a number of criteria: in addition to precise and reliable routing using the most suitable routes, real-time feedback from the driver and above all the seamless integration into the order management system are crucial issues.

Navigation for external services - that means for us: continuous process flow, better ergonomics and perfect connection to the industry solution.  As a specialist in professional navigation in the B2B sector ,we fulfil your  industry requirements - using sophisticated and easily integrated software modules, 

We will be showing you how it works on 25th and 26th March 2015 at the Aachen Services Forum. This is because no customer-oriented performance system dedicated to providing smart service can afford to be without good navigation. 

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