24th symposium of ak dmaw in Bonn

January 20-21, 2020 in Bonn

The motorcar as permanent navigator

Connected Vehicle Data – even the Telematics pay-off line sounds cool. And so it is: the motorcar has basically become a travelling computer. And that changes a lot in the automotive industry. It will also change navigation as more and more data flows into the way the route is planned and driven.

Here, opinions still diverge; who drives, the car or the driver? And who then decides on the route? But no matter, the data is still needed for navigation. And it must look appealing, because even if you do not drive yourself, the route is still followed – and when it’s only about the breaks and stops in between?

We will have so much to talk about at the Telematics in Berlin from 11 to 12 May – and of course a lot to demonstrate, because our new MapTrip version 4.0 of shows which way navigation today is really heading.

What it exactly looks like we won’t reveal here, but some features are worth at least a hint: we have become prophets and are foreseeing quite a few things. And we have intensively dealt with the aspects of design and performance in developing the solution.

Are you curious? So we’ll meet in Berlin, right?