Truck navigation: Support where it counts – in the target area

Too high, too heavy, too wide, the incorrect load or a pedestrian zone. What if the truck cannot navigate to its destination at the end of the route? Truck navigation has been further improved in MapTrip 3.6.

There are several reasons why a truck may not be able to drive directly to the destination entered in the navigation system.

Legal restrictions can influence route planning. No trucks allowed, a pedestrian zone, a street for residents only ... no go? And yet – that is where the load has to go. Our navigation in MapTrip 3.6 provides help even in such tricky situations. It guides the truck to the destination but, at the same time, gives warnings that the route is restricted and the driver has to pay special attention to the signage.

Sometimes the truck itself may be the obstacle: The length, height, width, weight or axle load is not compatible with the destination. Or hazardous goods cannot be transported to the final destination. So there’s no chance? In such situations, MapTrip navigates the truck to a destination that is easy to reach and as close as possible – with a warning message. With a look at the map in MapTrip, the driver is fully informed about existing truck restrictions. This also supports the interactive optimisation of the intended destination.

In short, infoware always finds a way to get there.

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