Tuned features: MapSuite 3.7

Analysis of routes with truck tolls. Equipped with the latest maps. Thoroughly revised geocoding, mapping, routing and trip planning – the latest MapSuite version 3.7 is something to be proud of. Developers will love the server version available as an ActiveX and server version.

Function components

The mapping, routing and geocoding SDK with new features: MapSuite 3.7 has everything the hearts of our partners desire. Yet our technology framework for the visualisation of geodata and the integration of corresponding geofunctions continues to grow.

The ability to individually block routes is new for example. A novel truck toll module in the latest version provides major help in determining distances subject to tolls – savings potential included. The distance matrix and truck routing modules are convincing thanks to their proven functions and the geocoding, mapping, routing and trip planning components have been thoroughly revised as well. Naturally the map data are up to date.

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