Yes to autonomous driving

An Aral study examined the question “Can you imagine autonomous driving in the future?” and confirms that around 34 percent of respondents joyfully look forward to cars that drive themselves. We are no different: Networked vehicles and the electronic horizon are trends affecting infoware directly as a navigation software provider.

One toy less

It is interesting to note that men dominate the votes in favour of driverless cars: 41 percent of those who voted yes are males while only 28 percent are females.

Since we are talking about what is known as one of a man’s favourite toys, one would expect a bit more restraint here. After all, a driverless car includes the loss of the stick shift, pressing the clutch, engaging the parking brake and all other “appealing” influences a driver can have on his vehicle.

A natural step for infoware

This is exactly the challenge. Automating all of these manual processes is no easy task. For the project to succeed, the first step is the most important: Perfecting the electronic horizon.

This is a natural step for infoware. We put our many years of experience with navigation and route optimisation per integration to use in order to develop our MapTrip Road Companion app – an electronic horizon, pocket-sized and on a large scale: A basic requirement for networked vehicles.

Focus on the electronic horizon

infoware has focused on providing an electronic horizon that analyses the environment surrounding the vehicle and, based on traffic data updated in real time, provides information in a timely manner about risky road developments such as wrong-way drivers, congestion up ahead or steep inclines.

In view of the future, such warning systems are of tremendous importance for autonomous driving since they have to serve as the first instance for driver assist systems. After all, neither human drivers nor automated vehicles can respond in time without the timely identification and reporting of route risks.

Give it a try – MapTrip Road Companion is available free of charge from the Google PlayStore.

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