Selection of references

Customers across all industries rely on navigation solutions of infoware

c-trace develops specialised software for the disposal industry and navigates refuse trucks with maptrip FollowMe.

Navkonzept uses MapTrip and MapSuite for the navigation of trucks and fleet management.

infoware provides complete map technologies for the internet and smartphones for the Gelben Seiten, Telefonbuch and DasÖrtliche.

infoware created the V-Navi navigation application for Map & Directions GmbH based on the MapTrip SDK. It has been downloaded over 1.3 million times and installed more than 500,000 times.
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Suez is one of Europe's largest waste disposal companies and uses MapTrip FollowMe to navigate its refuse trucks.

Germaneers uses MapTripSDK and develops navigation solutions for the automotive industry.

Rosenbauer uses MapTrip 112 in its EMEREC software to navigate fire-fighting vehicles

Scheuschner uses MapTrip 112 in its software to navigate rescue vehicles.

GPSoverIP uses MapTrip FollowMe for the guided navigation of winter maintenance vehicles at airports and in communities within their telematics solutions.

Example: ICS Group

A container must be picked up. A service representative is on the way to the customer. The parcel service begins its daily rounds. Or a replacement driver needs an optimised collection route for the disposal of daily waste. All this has to be planned and recorded, if ...


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Example: Wanko / coop@home

With the Swiss online supermarket coop@home, customers can have goods delivered on the day of the order – reliable to within the hour. This service is supported by a route planning solution from Wanko and the navigation solution from infoware. Delivery services ...


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Example: Esri / Aquaservice Spanien

Water dispensers and bottled water are becoming more and more popular in Spain. With more than 110,000 corporate customers and more than one million private customers, Aquaservice is a leading supplier in Spain. Its nationwide distribution system for water dispensers and ...


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