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More transparency in logistics with the aid of geodata

A container must be picked up. A service representative is on the way to the customer. The parcel service begins its daily rounds. Or a replacement driver needs an optimised collection route for the disposal of daily waste.

All this has to be planned and recorded, if possible in real time and at any time. This requires the appropriately matching systems for transport and logistics.

The ICS Group meets this demand with its solutions for company-wide mobility – tailored to individual needs on tablets, smartphones, handheld terminals and vehicle computers. Whether it concerns mobile scanning solutions or the management and monitoring of transport orders, vehicles and resources or the dynamic processing of service orders – all systems must be able to connect with different backends, to combine data in various formats and seamlessly transmit it. And they need a spatial reference, because how else do you find customers, manhole covers or containers and how do you plan the most ideal route?

Navigation – with infoware, of course!

The ICS Group therefore looked for a partner in the field of navigation. Required were powerful navigation modules and reliable geodata that can easily be integrated into an existing solution.

The choice fell on infoware, because “no other solution offers such easy access to our 4mobile application“, said Karel Hudec, Director of Marketing & Communications at the ICS Group. “From our mobile application we can transmit data automatically to the navigation system. And by using the follow-me navigation feature, new drivers can benefit from the tried and tested knowledge of “veterans” in the field by simply retracing complex routes for household waste collection, for example.” Follow-me also has the advantage that freely definable additional information is added as voice prompts, while points of interest and truck attributes are taken into account. The result is a customised route tailored to every need and requirement.

Customers appreciate the reliability of the joint solutions developed by ICS and infoware and they can also try them out first by getting a terminal with navigation for a certain period of time.

All-inclusive solutions for all industries moving goods

The range of application options is endless: The advantages are always experienced to the full when real-time data flow between dispatch, field service and value-added partners, and resources need to be controlled and monitored.

A few examples of implemented solutions: courier express and parcel service routes are planned, but also spontaneously changed. The driver records the proof of delivery digitally on site and the Track & Trace information is available to the end user via the website. A similar process is followed for waste management companies: where is the container and/or the driver – this information is available to the dispatcher at any time. Mobile order management in trade and freight logistics reduces duplication in the capturing of order data, an invoice can be issued on the spot and the delivery status is visible in real time. In short, it is important to collect data – including geodata – from scheduling over order processing through to feedback without media breaks, and so collect and transmit additional costs and to control the routes.

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